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Welcome to IMO - Inventory Management Online - the UK's most innovative, forward thinking Inventory Services provider. We strive to continually provide an optimal service and regularly meet our clients to discuss how we may better what we do.


IMO provides its clients with Inventory Management Services - please scroll down to get a detailed breakdown of each of the services we provide. Our growing list of loyal clients includes corporate and independent estate agents, private housing associations, large private developers, relocation companies and private landlords.

We created the UK’s first secure online client account allowing access to inventory reports and photographs anytime, anywhere without the hassle of looking through old emails and paper trail folders.

We have over the last decade, developed high quality, industry acclaimed templates. All of our Inventory Assessors are highly trained with both our online, in-house training service as well as traditional classroom and on the job learning. This gives our clients the peace of mind that they will receive the same high levels of accuracy and professionalism across the board, regardless of which assessor is assigned to the job. All reports are accompanied with high quality digital photographs embedded within the report and in room order.

We have ‘Large House’ specialists who can comfortably create full and thorough Inventory reports on 4+ bedroom properties. This is not as easy as one may think and requires a highly experienced individual to capture the layout and content of such large properties without ever losing focus on even the smallest of details.

Why use an independent Inventory company?

The introduction of the Tenant Dispute Service (TDS) has added another layer of security and professionalism to the rental market. Legislation states that deposits should be registered and protected by a regulated agent and any disputes about their return handled by an impartial arbitrator. In order for the arbitrator to make an informed decision a professional Inventory and Check in / Check out report must be provided. For more information on this subject please visit our FAQ's.




Inventory make or creation

Check in

Comprehensive check in process

check out

Efficiently checking tenants out


Regularly checking during tenancies

reach out.

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